-Hebrew School - Opens October 16, 2022

Einat Irelander, School Director and Founding Member

UPDATE, 10/14/22 – We are so excited to announce that Congregation Ahavat Olam’s Hebrew School officially opens on OCTOBER 16, 2022. Not a member yet, or want to learn more, click here or email our School Director, Einat Irelander at [email protected]

The Ahavat Olam Hebrew School, Calendar 5783, 2022-23

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Rabbi Idan says that 'Hebrew School is Cool'

-Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Every child has unique skills, abilities, and learning styles. And so, when it comes to B’nai Mitzvah, our Rabbi helps each student in a way that best suits the individual. The Rabbi builds individualized curriculums that fit each student best and gives them the tools to be successful and proud during the big day. Our goal is to engage students with our rich tradition through conversation, music, and education, so that Judaism is rooted into their being, long after the bar/bat mitzvah experience.

– The B’nai Mitzvah is a foundational milestone that connects families to Jewish tradition.

– Each student will work closely 1:1 with Rabbi Idan in person.

– The Genesis of Rabbi Idan’s calling is to create a positive impact for each student and nurture a love for Judaism that will carry through the B’nai Mitzvah and beyond.

Reach out to Rabbi Idan directly with any and all questions regarding your child’s B’nai Mitzvah. Email him at [email protected], or call him at 781-526-8454.

Rabbi Idan share's our approach to the B'nai Mitzvah

-Adult Learning

Congregation Ahavat Olam offers a variety of adult education programs:

– Torah and Talmudic study

– Mussar, a Jewish spiritual practice that gives concrete instructions on how to define, live, and implement a meaningful and ethical life

– Adult B’nai Mitzvah

– Hebrew (basic vocabulary and conversational)

– Maimonides’ A Guide for the Perplexed-Jewish philosophy of the Middle Ages

– Song sessions of healing and the uplifting of spirits

– Introduction to Judaism/conversion

-Torah/Text Study

We are referred to as  “Am ha-Sefer,” the people of the book because we highly value education and tradition. Two thousand years have passed, but the Talmud wisdom carries on.

– Since the 1st century, the Talmud (central text of Rabbinic Judaism and the primary source of Jewish religious law and Jewish theology) has functioned as a training text for rabbis and their disciples. The process to create the Talmud served as a tool to sharpen the rabbis’ minds.

We study the stories and the teachings of our spiritual mentors to learn more about ourselves, our traditions, and the Jewish values that are meant to elevate our day-to-day lives, especially now.

– Talmudic texts give insight as to how to best perform tikkun olam to positively impact the community and the world.   Today’s environment dictates that we strive to create a welcoming and safe environment and it is in fact a duty to strive to make the world a better place.