Congregation Ahavat Olam is about making sense of the world in a way that recognizes God’s involvement in the world and in our lives.

– We understand God means something different to each and every person

– Some people believe in God, some people don’t

– Some people have grown apart from organized religion, yet still, yearn for a connection.

– We value and depend on every opinion.

– We consider it a mission to meet you where you are in your life’s journey, and in your Jewish journey.

– We believe in our community and will welcome you in any way that feels right for you.

At Congregation Ahavat Olam we feel that by classifying different streams in Judaism, we create an artificial division among Jews. At Congregation Ahavat Olam, we practice one Judaism that transcends any single denomination, one that unites people with varying identities and celebrates the best our tradition has to offer. After all, our people share one Judaism, one God, one Torah, and one family.  

At Congregation Ahavat Olam we value and need YOU and your beliefs.

There is no single approach to a relationship with or understanding of God.

Our rabbis captured that beautifully with the phrase, אלו ואלו דברי אלוהים חיים,  these but also those are the words of the living God.

We welcome and encourage every member to contribute in various and different ways.

Different opinions and perspectives make us a better, stronger, and healthier community.