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Here Are a Variety of Ways You Can Help

Make a donation to Congregation AHAVAT OLAM


At Congregation Ahavat Olam we offer a variety of vibrant programs and activities for members of all ages, in addition to our ruach-filled (spiritual) services.  We have carefully constructed our Congregation to provide opportunities for all of our members to be as involved as they wish.  We hope to empower our youth and introduce them to opportunities to grow, develop, and shine through leadership roles.

Become a founding member of Congregation AHAVAT OLAM

Become a Founding Member

We share one Judaism, one God, one Torah, and one family

Congregation Ahavat Olam is a welcoming and inclusive synagogue, proudly rooted in Jewish history and identity, open to different backgrounds and every point of view. We come together to learn, celebrate and worship, honoring and accepting each other. Our spiritual, cultural and intellectual journeys lead us to Ahavat Olam. Our community extends well beyond our walls. 

Volunteer with the Caring Committee to helps those in need

Volunteer for the Caring Committee

Being there for the OYS and JOYS…
The Ahavat Olam Caring Committee is focused on compassion and care for one another, much like the congregation’s promise. Its purpose is to support congregants who need a little assistance during challenging times by connecting them with a helping hand.

Participate for a Community Mitzvah organized by Congregation AHAVAT OLAM

Community Mitzvah

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead

Congregation Ahavat Olam is ready and willing to heed that call.

Congregation Ahavat Olam plans to send a group of 15-20 volunteers on the first Sunday of every month for the DINNER SHIFT: 4-7 PM to Cor Unum in Lawrence.

A shoutout to Liat Moritz, one of Congregation Ahavat Olam’s youth members, as it is she who has encouraged us to do the Mitzvah of feeding those with food insecurity. #YouthRocks

Let us know if there are other ways you'd like to help.