#StandUpToHate Blog


We believe in community, spirituality, inclusivity, and growth.  Our members display their spirituality in various ways, but our commitment to each other, Judaism, and God show us that we all belong.   We are an environment that nurtures a family community that is free of judgment and bias and welcoming to all members.

In the creation story, God said, “let there be light,” “let there be animals,” and “let there be trees.” God then created everything. However, when it came to human beings, God did not say, ‘let there be man.’ God said, “Naase Adam,” let us make man. God said Us, in the plural. Together! For without each other, none of this is possible.

God was saying, I will not create you; I decided to give you an ingredient of a human being, a body, and a soul. What you will become ultimately is a function of what you do with these raw ingredients and the surroundings in which you adapt. At Congregation Ahavat Olam, we grow together individually, and as a community in hopes of finding our passion and strength as a people.

– At Congregation Ahavat Olam, we search and discover together where we are spiritually in our individual and shared journeys.

– Congregation Ahavat Olam, believes in collaboration, listening, music, and a guiding principle that we need God, Torah, each other, and a passion for life.

– Together, we will become a family where the past, present, and future blend together.

We thrive in our diverse, dynamic community that offers many paths to prayer and practice, through a myriad of ways to pursue peace and justice for our community and for the world.