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High Holy Days 5784 - 2023

Congregation Ahavat Olam’s 2023 HIGH HOLIDAY SEASON was nothing short of an awe-inspiring journey through this exceptionally special time of year for the Jewish Community.  Our High Holiday Services were once again held at The North Parish of North Andover, Unitarian Church, located in North Andover. Such a beautiful venue. In addition to Rabbi Idan’s special magic and warmth, he was joined by world-class musical talent. 

Brilliant musical performances by: Tutti Druyan, Soloist; Amir Milstein,  Flutist; Yael Rubinstein, Cellist, and Ron Druyan, Pianist

Choir, featuring: Shirley M. Fountain – Soprano, David Traugot – Tenor, Eliomar Nascimento – Bass/BAritone, Nancy Armstrong – Soprano, Kamal Soparkar – Mezzo

We have compiled a sampling of highlights of our 5784 High Holiday services for your viewing and listening pleasure. ENJOY!

Yom Kippur, Morning Service, 9/25/23

– Untangle Tokef, 00:00:14

– Sh’ma Koleinu, 00:07:00

– Avinu Malkeinu, 00:10:31

– V’Hakohanim, 00:16:14

– The Partisan’s Song (Duet with Rabbi Idan and Tutti Druyan), 00:18:24

– Rabbi’s Sermon “An Emotionally Healthy You Going Into the New Year”, 00:19:57 (Transcript found here.)

– Oseh Shalom (Duet with Rabbi Idan and Tutti Druyan), 00:32:38

Healing Service, 9/25/23

Time to gather for reflection, prayer, meditation, singing, and conversation.

‘Help me to endure the suffering and dissolve the fear, renew within me the calm spirit of trust
and peace.’

Tutti Druyan’s phenomenal rendition of ‘Bridge Over Troubled Waters’, 00:17:48  

Kol Nidrei, 9/24/23

From Rabbi Idan Irelander’s exhilarating sermon to the incredible performances of Tutti and Ron Druyan, as well as the addition of Corey Freedman, it is clear that our blessings as a congregation are bountiful. In this video, we have highlighted some of those moments from this year’s Kol Nidrei service.

– Rabbi’s Sermon, ‘Elusiveness of Happiness in an Era of Advancement’ 00:00:12 (Click here for a transcript of Rabbi Idan’s sermon.)

– Anthem, ‘Bridge Over Troubled Waters’, Performed by Tutti and Ron 00:13:13

– President’s Annual Message, Marc Freedman, 00:17:40

– Yihyu L’Ratzon, Performed by Corey Freedman, 00:30:10

For your enjoyment! Music rehearsal snippets
in preparation for the 2023 Celebrations

High Holy Days, 5783 - 2022

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT! Here is a taste of what Congregation Ahavat Olam’s first official HHD season had to offer. Our High Holiday Services were held at The North Parish of North Andover, Unitarian Church, located at 190 Academy Road, North Andover, MA 01845. We were so very grateful for this gorgeous venue. Early in the preparation process, we quickly realized that the expected attendance at our wonderful starter home, affectionately referred to as the ‘Shul@1600’, would quickly outgrow capacity for the High Holy Day celebrations.

Rosh Hashanah 2022, Day 1 with Congregation Ahavat Olam
Congregation Ahavat Olam High Holy Days
Rosh Hashanah 2022, Day 2 with Congregation Ahavat Olam
Tutti Druyan sings R’tze at Congregation Ahavat Olam, High Holidays, Rosh Hashanah Day 2
Yom Kippur, Kol Nidrei Service at Congregation Ahavat Olam, North Andover, MA, 2022
Here's a peek at some of 2022's High Holiday rehearsals.

We were honored to have been joined by some of the most incredible artists around today.  Tutti Druyan, Soloists; Ron Druyan, Pianist; Amir Milstein, Flutist; Yael Rubinstein, Cellist and of course Rabbi Idan.  We are equally honored to welcome a stunning choir of professional singers, Shirley M. Fountain – Soprano, David Traugot – Tenor, Eliomar Nascimento – Bass/Baritone, Nancy Armstrong – soprano, Kamal Soparkar – Mezzo. 

Click here to visit Congregation Ahavat Olam’s YouTube channel for more videos.